Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the lofty business philosophy of “taking the quality of people and medicinal drugs” and brewing medicines with conscience. And using modern high-tech technology, continuous innovation, and strive to become a leader in the big health industry. While committing to drug research and new product development, it organizes production in strict accordance with standards, and realizes scientific and modern management in procurement supply, drug inspection, technology innovation, marketing network and human resource development, forming a certain core. Competitive Chinese medicine pharmaceutical value chain.

48 drugs of the company with drug approval numbers are included in the national essential drug list, and 128 drugs with drug approval numbers are listed in the National Medical Insurance Catalogue (2017 edition). The company's main proprietary Chinese medicine products include Si Miao Pills, Huo Dan Pills, Shen Fu Kang Capsule, Huoxue Tongmai Tablets, Bixie Fengqing Pills, Nexiao Luoli Pills, Erding Granules, Baibei Cough Syrup for Children, and Seashell Stomach Ulcer Capsules. The company has cooperated with nearly 5,000 medical institutions at all levels and more than 1,000 large pharmaceutical distributors nationwide to sell prescription drugs. By far, we have established a strong and stable sales network throughout the country.


In July 2015, the company established the OTC Division. There are nearly 3,000 people for the OTC sales team. We have nearly 50,000 terminal partners and delivered nearly 8 million boxes of products. This has laid a solid market foundation for our products like Erding Granules, Baibei Cough Syrup for Children, jointly promoting prescription drug sales and OTC control sales.

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