In the genetic sequencer industry, the company actively invests in the world's leading precision medical technology industry. Through five years of unremitting efforts, the company's self-developed Bigis high-throughput second-generation genetic sequencer has achieved great results in research and development, and its technology is leading the world. . At present, the Bigis second-generation gene sequencer has entered the stage of certification and large-scale production. At the same time, it has deep cooperation with Professor Scala of Yale University in the United States, and in the future, it can develop new and better genetic testing equipment. Based on the Bigis second-generation sequencer, the company further researched and developed a number of high-tech projects such as pyrophosphate primary and semi-sequencer, biochip, digital PCR, etc., and developed new and inexpensive products for more accurate medical detection. Popularize, serve the society, benefit the public, contribute to human health, use the detection of big data to develop more advanced and better equipment, genetic testing equipment uses genetic testing data combined with our products to effectively achieve accurate sales, the company Closely built around the genetic engineering industry to form the precision medicine industry, forming a whole industry chain such as gene sequencer, genetic testing kit, biochip, biomedical big data, health consultation and testing center, and Chinese medicine standard gene library, leading the domestic serializer advanced Research and development of technology, advance the development of domestic sequencing kits and chip technologies, carry out the construction of Chinese genetic databases, lead the genetic analysis standards of the Chinese medicine industry, and use the self-developed gene sequencing technology as the core to comprehensively promote domestic gene sequencing. The development of the instrument industry.

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