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Responding to the call of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the company took the great opportunity of ginseng’s “medicine and food homology” to start the ginseng industry in 2010. We have invested a total of nearly 2 billion yuan and established four major ginseng production and processing bases around the main ginseng production areas in Jilin Province. At present, all four ginseng production and processing bases have obtained GMP certification. They have begun formal production and operations, greatly improving the company's ginseng processing capacity.


Holding high the banner of "ginseng with technology", the company established two high-tech research and development institutions, Zixin Ginseng R&D Co., Ltd. and Zixin Drug Research Co., Ltd. At present, we possess leading international research and development forces led by experts and scholars, doctors and masters, and established a stepped scientific research system of “production generation, reserve generation, and development generation” to create “quality ginseng, ginseng with technology”.




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